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Making It

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I will never be a little old lady in a rocking chair talking about what I should have done and could have done. I have lived my dreams.

Looking back, I have to laugh. I used to be so shy I would write out my half of a conversation before making a telephone call. I spoke with a thick, high-pitched Southern accent. To me, it’s nothing short of a miracle that yearas later I make my living, in fact, from my voice (two years of elocution and diction, thank you),conversing spontaneously on television with world-renowned expers and celebrities.

Yet, it wasn’t a miracle, really. I wasn’t born with any special talent; whatever I’ve accomplished or acquired has come from sheer hard work, determination, a kind of blind naiveté, and the willingness to take risks. I’m afraid I can’t even hang my hat on that old standby, luck. Nothing ever seemed to just happen to me; I had to plant the seeds and make it happen.

I have lived many lives; being in front of a camera was just one of them. I have been a wife, mother, homemaker, working woman, single parent, and co-vivant. I have worked as a cashier, model, art gallery tourer, researcher, news reporter, actress, writer, and television interviewer. (I’ve even been the voice of a shredded wheat!!)

I have travelled the world; I have lived and worked in New York, London, England and Toronoto. I have done it all, and I still have more to do.

Having lived as both a married woman and a single woman (in that order) and having raised two children, I truly understand the struggle of most women to achieve emotional and financial independence. And what it means to come full circle, finding a healthy and positive love and interdependence with a very special man. I know what it means to want and “have it all.”

I think that success is a journey and not the destination. And a successful life is knowing how to get the most out of that journey: savoring each day, going after what you want, overcoming obstacles, growing and changing and striving to be the best you can be.

I’ve traveled a long distance in a short time, and this is what i’ve learned along the way...

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One - Making It - 1

  • Build Yourself from the Inside Out
  • The Truth about Making It
  • Treat Yourself with Kid Gloves
  • Find the Missing Pieces
  • Stumbling Blocks - Clearing the Path
  • Why Do I Look in the Mirror and See Only My Faults?
  • No One Can Take Away What Is Yours
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Two - Micki Moore’s Survival Kit - 27

  • Humor Heals
  • Intuition
  • Resourcefulness
  • A Support System
  • Self-Discipline
  • Get Smart
  • Acquiring a Skill
  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Trust
  • Get Organized
  • Build Your Own Cocoon
  • Getting Together Your Survival Kit
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Three - Outwitting Your Female Conditioning - 61

  • You Don⁽t Have to Buy What They’re Selling You
  • Comfortable Traps
  • Stop Tap Dancing: Stop Saying, “I’m Sorry”
  • Parameters - Setting Your Limit
  • Why Can’t a Woman Be More like a Woman
  • Don’t Put Up with Put-Downs
  • Getting Tough
  • Action Defeats Fear
  • Intimidation
  • The Art of Negotiation
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Four - Having It All - Is It Possible? - 93

  • Micki’s ”Somebody Something“ Theory
  • Career and Love: So Passion Pursuits Detract from One Another?
  • Two out of Three Ain’t Bad
  • Three out of Three: Hello, Superwoman!
  • Shifting Priorities: Maybe That’s What You Wanted Five Years Ago
  • What Really Makes You Happy?
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Five - Dont’t Talk About It, Do It! - 111

  • Stop Putting Your Life on Hold
  • What Ever Happened to Your Dreams?
  • What’s Holding You Back?
  • There Is No Failure, Only Experience to Grow From
  • The Best Chance of Getting What You Want Is Knowing What It Is
  • Get the Action Habit
  • Motivation: What Makes You Run?
  • When Preperation Meets Opportunity
  • Improper Channels
  • Don’t Go into the Boxing Ring withour Your Gloves On
  • The Truth about Success
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Six - Men: Making The Connection - 135

  • Can’t Live with Them, Can’t Live without Them
  • What Do You Want in a Man?
  • What Do Men Want?
  • Men Are Equal but Different
  • Where to Meet Men
  • Why Do I Still Think He Has to Be Older than, Smarter than, Richer than, Taller than Me?
  • It’s Not What They Say, It’s What They Do
  • A Chase Is Nice: Let It Happen
  • If a Good Man Is Hard to Find, Why Do I Want to Leave the One I’ve Got?
  • Why Are You Missing Him Far More Than You Ever Loved Him?
  • If He’s Hopless, Why Do I Hang On?
  • Can You Trust Another Man?
  • Friends and Lovers - The Fine Line
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Seven - Sex - 171

  • The Rules You Follow Are Your Own
  • Don’t Trade Sex For Stroking
  • Casual Sex: Too Much, Too Soon?
  • Living with a Body You Like
  • Sexual Power: It Can Be Yours for the Asking
  • Sexual Fantasies: A Little Spice Is Nice
  • Sexual Criticism: How’s Your Bedside Manner?
  • Is There Lust After Marriage?
  • Sexual Inhibitors: Do You Have Any?
  • Celibacy: Is There Bliss Without Sex?
  • Get What You Want in Bed
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Eight - Love: Liking, Lusting, Lasting - 193

  • I This the Real Thing
  • Choosing a Mate, Not a Date
  • Emotional Intimacy: Do You Want It?
  • Building a Loving Relationsip
  • Running from Commitment
  • Compromising for Love
  • Romantic Malnutrition: Finding the Remedy
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Nine - Shifting Gears - 211

  • Are You Where You Want To Be?
  • Reading the Signposts along the Way
  • Emotional Intimacy: Do You Want It?
  • How Willing Are You to Take the Risk?
  • What If My Need to Change Threatens Our Relationship?
  • Letting Go
  • Strategies for Moving Ahead
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Ten - Taking Flight - 227

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