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Making It

Two - Micki Moore’s Survival Kit - 27

Haven’t you noticed that when part of your life falls apart - your job, your relationship, your best friendship - everything else falls with it?

Your boss dumps on you for missing a contract, your man picks this moment to leave town, your friend decides she can live without you - and suddenly you’re alone.

Yes, there are times when life seems too tough and too unfair to keep going. There are no fair-trade laws in love or work, and there’s no one you can sue. One thing slips out of place and, like dominoes, your whole life comes tumbling down (or feels like it). What can you do but run in circles on negative energy!

I’ve been caught in this whirlpool of gloom and doubt enough times to know. But just when I feel I’m going under for the third time, I reach for my Survival Kit. I’d like to report it contains a magnum of champaign and a beautiful new man, but it’s more lasting than that: It’s a combination of everything I’ve learned, often painfully, about building bridged over gulfs of failure. These are the wings that pick up a sinking spirit and remind me I’m still the same person who just a few weeks ago was succeeding on all fronts.

There have been times when emotional and financial trauma have threatened to overwhelm and I’ve thought I just can’t go on another day. But I’ve survived by telling myself that one event does not a lifetime make. It sounds loopy, but Little Orphan Annie was right - the sun really does come up tomorrow!

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