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Making It

Seven - Sex - 171

The Rules You Follow Are Your Own

You have all the rules of sex carved into yur bedpost or embroidered on a sampler over a vibrating beanbag chair, right? Kiss on the first date, cuddle on the second, give in on the third, right? Or don’t hop into bed on a first date because you’re liberated. Do if he’s rich. Don’t until he puts that glittering diamond on your finger. You can do it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but only if there’s a full moon, right? Might as well be, because it’s as “right” as any of these rules.

Sex is the most intimate, loving, all-encompassing, expression of passion between two people; Don’t mess it up with rule-by-committee.

Your sexual code of behaviour is the one you can live with, the one that suits your personality and fits in with your lifestyle, beliefs and ethics.

Other people may have a different set of rules that conflicts with yours: Wish them well and let them follow them. Sex is personal, intimate, and private - and so are the rules that govern it.

Erica, our local brunch organizer who was divorced the same time I was, spent her post-divorce year playing musical men. She loved it! “I felt like I was pigging out on all those lovely men, ” she confessed. “I went through them like peanuts. It did’t seem to matter.

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