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Making It

Five - Dont’t Talk About It, Do It! - 111

Stop putting your life on hold

You know how hard you grit your teeth on an elevator when someone presses the “Hold” button and you sit there steaming (politely), suspended in the elevattor shaft, going neither up nor down, while the furniture, twins in strollers, or oil paintings are loaded on. Some women I fear, spend theirentire lives in a holding pattern.

They are the ones who started off so nicely on a solid rise to the top. Good university, nice man, happy marriage, sweet baby - then hold.

Or in-on-the-ground-floor careerists, they make an impressive rise through the company ranks, then options peter out, loose ends abound - and suddenly hold.

There they stay, running on the spot, not moving forward or falling backward.

The years that pass are the years they were suppose to take singing lessons or become company president or open their own business or take a trip around the world. But no dreams come true when life is on hold.

What happens?

Maybe they lose courage or get distracted with other interests. But often they just forget that they meant to do something more important with their lives. They follow the script and become a wife and mother and forget they can also be an architect or an actress or an enterpreneur. They make a list of all the things that their husbands and children and friends need and put their needs at the bottom.

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