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Maclean’s Magazine - March 5 1984

Seated in her elegant, pastel-pale living-room in Toronto, Micki Moore looks every inch the glamorous hostess of the recently syndicated television talk show You’re Beautiful. But, aid Moore, 43; she auditioned for the program in 1977 wearing a “Don Ameche” moustache. Her experience as an actress and writer and what she calls her “skills plus” approach got her the job, and the popular show made her an overnight success. As she put, “It only took 17 years.” Now in demand, Moore has landed roles in the upcoming RSL films Heavenly Bodies and CBC’s series Seeing Things. And drawing on her own experiences, she is writing a book aimed at women, offering advice on life, sex, men, careers and self - topics covered frequently on her show. Those subjects and her chatty format inspired a witty Second City parody. Andrea Martin, whose sister, Marcia, was Moore’s production manager on You is Beautiful, plays fatuous Hostess Libby Wolfson. Moore, who once studied with the troupe, enjoys it immensely. “My greatest desire” she said “is to have Andrea invite me on the show a Libby’s guest.”

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