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Micki Doubles Up

Toronto Star - Sunday, November 17 1996

We’re accustomed to Micki Moore the beautiful. As in You’re Beautiful. Or Moore turning up in movies shot around town. But she’s also a mom, wife, and host/associate producer of Double Duty, a series about juggling work and family which airs tomorrow night at 8 on WTN and at 10 on Vision.

How does she do it?

A slant board helps.

“I’m lying on a slant board trying to get the blood to my brain.” she says over the phone.

Tomorrow’s show deals with single parenthood, shared custody and yours, mine and ours.

Moore is on familiar territory. She has a yours, mine and ours setup herself. “This is not glamorous, this is my life. I am a mother, I have an extended family. I have two children (from a previous marriage), Leonard (Simpson, Mr. Town Shoes) has three. We have 10 grandchildren. I’m called a gran boomer”

The series was Moore’s baby. The birthing took two years.

“I did reports on Global News at Noon and I did one on how to set up a financial plan” she explains. “The accountant got 500 calls. Then I did shows on flextime, job sharing, child care... Each show got great response. I approached (executive producer) Carol Haney and she put the package together.”

“It’s about the social issues of the '90’s. How people are coping because the marketplace is so unforgiving and there’s so much pressure on the family. It’s an ever tightening noose: time, money, energy, child care, elder care. What trade-offs are people prepared to make?”

These are real-life solutions. Double Duty documents real people. “We follow families - we don’t use actors - we take the cameras coast to coast. They are mini-dramas, three each show. Each show deals with family/work issues. For example, I spent a day with a crane operator in Dofasco. She had two babies and did shift work, three different 12 hour shifts. Her husband is a phone repair man and they are interchangeable in their roles. He did paternity leave.”

Moore has no problem finding subjects.

“I tapped Chatelaine, which ran a work/family crunch survey and got over 2,000 respondents. Believe me, when you want to find them, you can.”

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